Aly, b. 1991 in Reno, NV, is an enrolled member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes and is an artist and illustrator, whose art features vibrant colors and Indigenous stories. She spends her days sketching, painting, collaborating with the Indigenous creative community, and adventuring with her family throughout Idaho, Nevada, and Utah.

Aly’s paintings are created by hand using watercolor and graphite on paper. The imagery portrayed in her artwork usually begins with an impression from the connection Indigenous peoples have with all living things, and that connection becomes the beauty and permanent focal point within each artwork.

“I am a self taught Indigenous watercolor artist with a passion for art in all of its forms. Much of my work is vibrant in color and features organic layers of watercolor pigment with graphite sketches that peek through the layers of paint. Each painting holds a moment that illuminates the vast beauty of our Indigeneity and the spirit of our community that never fades.

I hope that through my artwork I can share my story and an Indigenous perspective with the world. My passion to create is rooted in the hope that when our people, especially our women and youth, need to feel connected and grounded they have visual imagery to turn to that makes them feel seen and powerful. It is a dream of mine to someday pass on my artistic and cultural knowledge to our younger generations so that they have the tools to call attention to the importance of our histories and our ongoing journey. I encourage our Indigenous peoples to take inspiration from the world around them and use art, whatever form that may be, to express themselves and find their own stories to share with the world.”